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Nursery Care
Our nursery is available for infants to toddlers during the worship service.
Children in Worship

Your child's presence within our worshiping community is a blessing to us all. Children are also encouraged to join the singing, speak the congregational prayers, and to participate in the Lord's Supper at their parents' discretion.  

Children are invited to enjoy the Pray-Ground in the Sanctuary during worship. Activity bags are available at the entrances to the sanctuary for use during worship. If your infant or toddler would be happier in a less structured environment, a bright and playful nursery is available just steps from the sanctuary.

Introducing the Pray-Ground!

What is a Pray-Ground? It’s a part of our worship space designed specifically for children. Located in the front north corner, it announces to children, parents, and all who come to worship that our children matter – that they are a part of our Family of Faith, and that we value having them in worship. In placing the Pray-Ground up front, we recognize that children are more engaged when they can see what is going on. Our Pray-Ground consists of a child size table and chairs, plush toys, puzzles, books, and quiet activities to encourage worship experiences through play and crafts.

As with anything new, there will be a learning curve – for the children, parents, and the congregation. We ask parents to sit nearby and keep children on the mats and quiet while they explore the space and get used to being up front. We also ask that parents and children put things back in the storage bins after worship. We ask the congregation for their patience as everyone adjusts to the Pray-Ground. After a lot of research, we’ve found that most congregations who have a Pray-Ground come to love having this space for children, and even lament those few Sundays when no children are in worship.

Having children in worship offers a great opportunity for spiritual formation. Children see their parents, family members, and other adults worshipping together, helping them gain a better sense of community and belonging. In addition, worship is a habit. If we want our children to grow into adults that value worship, we must create ways to help them value worship as a child. That’s the goal of the Pray-Ground, and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are!

- Worship Commission