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Friday Morning Bible Study

The group will discuss Women of the Bible by Jean Syswerda, beginning on Sept. 6. The author delves into the lives of 52 female heroes in Scripture. Each biblical story mirrors the challenges and changes today’s women face. The cost is $10.00. Contact Mary Mardiguian. The group meets in Fellowship Hall at 9AM for refreshments. Our discussion begins at 9:30.

Discussion Series

On the first Sunday of the next five months we will talk about gun violence prevention. Members of our congregation will lead the discussions. We begin October 6 at 6PM in FH.

Thursday Book Group
The Thursday Book Group meets on 2nd Thursdays in FH at 2 pm. On October 6th we’ll discuss Broken for You, by Stephanie Kallos. Two very different women – wealthy, reclusive septuagenarian Margaret Hughes, living alone with her vast collection of priceless antiques, and Wanda Schultz, a brokenhearted young woman in search of her wayward boyfriend – find new meaning and redemption in their growing friendship with each other. If you’d like to join us, you can borrow a PPLD copy of the book in the CR.